The mandate of the Hig Level Strategy Group (HLSG) is to validate the results of the Preparatory Group, with Chair (Luciano Maiani) and Co-chair (Fernando Quevedo). The HLSG will be composed by three distinct subgroups:  1) a group of highly distinguished scientists defined by nominations; 2) representatives from Research Councils of the participating Latin American countries; 3) and the directors of key institutions of the region. The aim is to have a balanced representation both geographically and by subject area in this High-level Strategy Group.

At this moment the composition  of the HLSG is the following:

Chair: Luciano Maiani – University of Rome

Co-chair: Fernando Quevedo – ICTP & Cambridge University

Scientific representatives:

Joao dos Anjos – Brasil/ON                                        Francis Halzen – US/Wisconsin

Pushpa Bhat – ICFA/Fermilab                                   Bruce Hoeneisen – Ecuador/USF

Hesheng Chen – China/IHEP                                     Peter Jenni – Europe/CERN

Claudio Dib – Chile/UTFSM                                       Jose Ocariz – Venezuela/IN2P3

Teresa Dova – Argentina/UNLP                               Geoffrey Taylor – Asia Pacific/Melbourne

Jacobo Konisberg -Mexico/U. of  Florida

Directors of institutions:

Nathan Berkovits – ICTP-SAIFR                               Antônio José Roque da Silva – CNPEM

Alvaro Ferraz – IIP                                                       Carlos Trallero – CLAF

Daniel de Florian – ICAS