Discussions for a Latin American Strategy for High Energy Physics and Cosmology started at the Simpósio Latino Americano de Física de Altas Energias (SILAFAE) in Guatemala in 2016.

As a result of those discussions, a Ministerial Declaration was written at the III Ministerial Meeting of Science and Technology of Ibero-America held in October 2018 in Guatemala that included the need to further and support the scientific activities of researchers at existing infrastructures and the development of new ones, through specific mechanisms such as the Latin American Strategy for Research Infrastructures (LASF4RI). This document was further ratified at the following High-Level Meeting of Heads of State through the approval of an action plan (item C.7).

Updates were reported in November in an open meeting at the 2018 SILAFAE in Perú. It was decided to organize a Workshop in São Paulo with the participation of funding agencies in the region to discuss further steps. In particular, a Preparatory Group was established with the purpose of preparing the guidelines and receiving white papers from the different efforts in High Energy Physics and Cosmology in the region.  It was also decided the need for the establishment of a high-level Latin American Strategy Group that will provide recommendations and feedback to the Ministerial Meeting of Science and Technology of Ibero-America for its next meeting in October 2020.

Forty white papers were submitted through this webpage until January 20 2020. An Open Symposium was held in July 2020 to discuss the white papers in different thematic areas as a preparation for the strategy document. A new timeline for the process was proposed.