The Preparatory Group was established with the purpose of preparing the guidelines and receiving white papers from the different efforts in High Energy Physics, AstroParticles and Cosmology in the region. The white papers will form the basis for mapping a landscape of initiatives in the region. The Preparatory Group is in charge of organizing a Workshop in early 2020 to discuss the contributions and to prepare a briefing for the Strategy Group.

A preliminary list of briefs from different initiatives can be found here.

The members of the Preparatory Group were nominated by the countries representatives in the SILAFAE International Scientific Committee, and are:

Argentina: Diana Lopez,  Federico Sanchez, Hernán Wahlberg
Bolivia: Martin Alfonso Subieta Vasquez
Brasil: Leandro de Paula (observer), Thiago S. Gonçalves (co-chair), Rogerio Rosenfeld
Chile: Alfonso Zerwekh, Mauro Cambiaso
Colombia: Marta Losada (chair), Diego Restrepo
Ecuador: Lofti Boubekeur, Harold Yepes Ramírez, Edgar Carrera
Mexico: Alfredo Aranda, Juan Carlos D’Olivo, Gerardo Herrera
Paraguay: Jorge Molina
Peru: Alberto Gago
Venezuela: Reina Camacho, Arturo Sánchez
US: Marcela Carena (Fermilab), Marcelle Soares-Santos (Brandeis U.)
Europe: Martijn Mulders (CERN)
Asia: Hiroaki Aihara (U. Tokyo)