It is widely recognized that large-scale long-term science collaborations deliver lasting benefits to participating nations. Most of these collaborations require large infrastructures. As is done in Europe and the US, the coordination of resources for these large infrastructures among different countries in Latin America is desirable in order to optimize efforts. With the support of many countries and institutions, the initiative for a Latin American Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure (LASF4RI) was presented at the Meeting of the Iberoamerican Ministers for Science and Technology in 2018, and was included in the final declaration that was ratified at a subsequent meeting of the Heads of State. Within the framework of the Simposio Latino Americano de Física de Altas Energias (SILAFAE) an effort was initiated to formulate a strategy for large collaborations in the region in the areas of  Particle Physics and Cosmology.

A first Workshop bringing together funding agencies, major policy makers and representatives of large collaborations in the region in the areas of  Particle Physics and Cosmology took place in April 2019 at ICTP-SAIFR in São Paulo. For an introduction about LASF4RI see the talk by Fernando Quevedo in the Workshop.

Following the action plan devised at the first Workshop, an Open Symposium on High Energy, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics was organized around the 40 submitted white papers and took place by videoconference in July 06-10 2020 hosted by ICTP-SAIFR – please see

A status report and a new timeline for the process as of  July 2020 can be found here. A template for providing further information for the contributions is here.