Guidelines for submitting input for the Latin American Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure (LASF4RI) initiative


The document to submit should be configured in the following way:

  1. Cover page (1 page)
    • Title
    • Thematic area(s)
      • Up to three (3) options to select from a list in the application web-form
    • Primary authors
    • Contact person
    • Abstract

     2.  Proposal overview (maximum 15 pages)

    • Scientific Context
    • Objectives
    • Methodology
    • List of the interested scientists in the community
    • Current status and expected challenges
    • Timeline
    • Construction and operational costs
    • Computing requirements

Submissions can be made at several levels, including individual, institutional, national and multi-national levels.

The document must be uploaded as a single PDF file in the LASF4RI portal until December 15 2019. The portal will start accepting submissions since October 1st 2019.

Updates of submitted white papers can be uploaded until January 20 2020.

The white papers will be made publicly available.

The submitted documents will be analysed by the Preparatory Group (PG) and passed on to the Latin American Strategy Group (LASG). 


We encourage contributors to adopt the model used in the European Particle Physics Strategy Update  – see some examples of the submitted inputs.

Some thematic areas are:
Accelerator Science and Technology
Instrumentation and Computing
Electroweak Physics, Flavor Physics and CP-violation
Strong Interactions
Neutrino Physics
Beyond Standard Model
Dark Matter
Astroparticle Physics
Gravitational waves
Dark Energy
High Energy Theory
Astronomy and Astrophysics

Last update on September 26th, 2019.